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What is a good dining experience, and it is possible to satisfy all employees dietary preferences? You never go far wrong with the buffet when different companies participating in conferences. There are no rules for what a buffet should contain, as long as employees walk away with a food adventure in the house!

A breakfast buffet that does wonders

Maven is waking up and starting to provide a sound. A delicious and energy full breakfast is always a good start to the day, and provides a good approach of a long day with a lot of meetings on the schedule. Although a buffet breakfast often consists of simple foods, may well be filling, and a good dining experience. A menu can consist of:

  • coarse Boller
  • Organic rye bread and crispbread
  • Butter
  • Hard cheese
  • Jam
  • boiled eggs
  • Skyr and muesli
  • Fresh fruit: watermelon, grapes or strawberries


Lunch Buffet keeps the brain running

Half the day is gone, and the energy level is gradually decreased, and it requires no doubt a game of food to keep the brain going. The lunch buffet to be filling but not too heavy, because in a few hours to be room for supper. A buffet can be a dining experience in itself, as the possibility to select or deselect makes you put together a right to their own preference. A simple and healthy breakfast, giving an energy boost to the rest of the conference day, may consist of:

  • Choose from salmon or chicken
  • Salad bar: avocado, Gedeost-, hvidkåls- or bean salad.
  • Accessories: dressing, coarse bread and butter
  • Fresh fruit: banana, apple or pear

Buffets should never be compared to heavy sovset and fried food as it at any time to offer energy drive end and hearty dishes that can satisfy the most fastidious employee for the conference! If you go to a conference in Copenhagen , will open approach to achieve the buffet dining experiences beyond the ordinary!

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