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Bliv sund let og gratis!

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Now health is not just healthy food, but a good healthy body. That means you can eat very healthy, but if you do not get moved you enough in everyday life or if you do not thrive at work, then your body is not completely healthy. Health is a wonderful mix of prosperity and well-being, healthy eating and daily exercise. And with daily exercise, I believe neither triathlon or 2 hours in the gym. Most of us live in a high tempo from the time we wake up until we go to bed. And it can be almost impossible to squeeze any kind of exercise in. But try to think alternatively, it often helps!

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Folkesundhed anno 2013


Sundhedsstyrelsen lavede en stor folkeundersøgelse af over 162.000 danskers sundhedstilstand. Det var ikke en undersøgelse der er lavet i forbindelse med et lægebesøg, men man  bedømte sig selv ud fra skemaet. Undersøgelsen hed:  Den Nationale Sundhedsprofil 2013

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